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Things happen. One day, a taxman may knock on your door. You are not sure about the reasons. Maybe you missed your tax filing deadlines, or failed to report income, or there are no reasons at all. You received a surprising notice of assessment/reassessment totally out of the blue, or your account has been garnished, your assets seized by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). What should you do?

Don’t panic. You have options. A safe way for you to proceed in all circumstances is to talk to a competent tax lawyer before speaking to anyone else, including your accountant or the CRA. Oftentimes minor tax offences may lead to major consequences, including huge fines, potential criminal charges, or even jail time. Facing the consequences for tax offences may not be a pleasant experience.

The law office of Jeff Li is here to help you avoid criminal charges, horrific fines, high interest and other severe penalties you may face for tax offences. If required, Jeff Li will vigorously defend any criminal charges laid against you.

If you have unreported income, failed to file taxes, or filed inaccurate/incomplete returns in the past, we may help you avoid penalty or potential criminal prosecution through the Tax Amnesty/Voluntary Disclosure Program. It is important that you retain competent legal counsel to represent you in order to ensure full protection.

Your tax advisor or accountant does not have the solicitor-client privilege that only lawyers have, and your advisor or accountant can be forced to disclose your contents of communication and therefore assist the government in its prosecution! Jeff Li can work with your account and act in your best interest risking unnecessary disclosure.

If you are an entrepreneur who runs your own business, Jeff Li can also assist you with issues related to HST, GST, PST or payroll remittances. The owner of business or a director of a company may be personally liable for the deficiency in these accounts, and we will help you avoid this personal liability.

Even if you owe taxes, Jeff Li may be able to utilize the Taxpayer Relief/Fairness Provisions to your benefit. Taxpayer Relief may be available to you in cases of extraordinary circumstances, inability to pay, financial hardship or CRA misconduct.

When a taxman knocks on your door, most likely they have already gathered some information or evidence against you. The tax man often becomes aggressive, and makes unreasonable demands. You therefore need an aggressive tax lawyer to represent you. Jeff Li is a tough and fearless tax lawyer that will ensure your rights and interest be protected. He will always attempts to negotiate a fair and efficient settlement with the CRA or provincial authorities on your behalf, failing which he will marshal all the tools available to fight for your cause, including objection, appeal, judicial review and tax court actions.

If you are facing tax problems with the CRA or provincial authorities, contact us at (416) 800-7196 and discuss your legal options today.


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