Civil Litigation

Disagreements and conflicts happen every day. Some will be resolved rather easily, but some will evolve into major disputes that have to be resolved with the assistance of the court: either you initiate a legal proceeding, or you defend a case brought against you. Whether a matter arises out of an unexpected incident such as slip and fall, or out of a normal course of doing business, civil litigation lawyer Jeff Li is prepared to handle the intricacies and meet the challenges of your case.

Jeff is a skilled negotiator and litigator with proven record. Jeff has represented clients in personal injury, wrongful dismissal, professional malpractice, family, tax and immigration matters that at times involve multiple jurisdictions with multi-million dollars at stake. Jeff often coordinates with different professionals and experts to provide solid representation to clients. His direct knowledge of the business world gives him an extra edge in tackling difficult problems in an effective manner.

At the Law Office of Jeff Li, Jeff will give personal attention to your case. He always attempts to negotiate on behalf of his clients to achieve a fair and efficient resolution of disputes. When a matter has to proceed to court, Jeff is tough and fearless, and he will do whatever it takes to advance his client’s cause and interest. Jeff has appeared in different levels of courts and tribunals in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The legal system is often complex and intimidating for those unfamiliar with it. Most individuals may lack a complete understanding of law, and are not prepared to handle the procedural aspects of the court system. It is therefore extremely difficult, if not impossible, for individuals to develop a strong case for their position. You need help from a competent lawyer for your legal matter.

At the law office of Jeff Li, Jeff will advocate your case by fully utilizing the latest statutes and case law. He will articulate your position within the law, and will use various procedural means and techniques to advance your interest.

Cases handled by Jeff Li include:

  • Personal injury, slip and fall, accidental benefits
  • Professional malpractice/negligence by lawyers and dentists
  • Wrongful dismissal, work accident, reprisal matters
  • Commercial disputes, debts
  • Shareholder disputes, oppression remedies and representative actions
  • Human rights (discrimination) matters
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Small Claims Court matters

When you are involved in a dispute and have made substantial efforts to try to reach an agreement to no avail, you may need tough legal action from a fearless litigation lawyer in Toronto. Contact Jeff Li at 416-800-7196 today for the legal representation you need. In appropriate situation, Jeff will refer you to an expert in a specific field to ensure your interest is best represented.


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