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Jeff Li Settled a Tax Court Case with Department of Justice

August 10, 2017

After approximately two years of litigation, Jeff Li recently settled a tax court case with the Department of Justice of Canada (DOJ), avoiding a trial that could have lasted 5-6 days. In this case, the client is the owner of a family-run business. Having reported a very low income and bought a house at approximately…

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Canada lawyer put $1.7M in offshore tax havens

April 4, 2013
Canada lawyer put $1.7M in offshore tax havens

Source: CBC News A prominent Canadian lawyer, husband to a Liberal senator, moved nearly $2 million to secretive financial havens while he was locked in battle with the Canada Revenue Agency over his taxes, according to documents in a massive leak of offshore financial data that were shared exclusively in Canada with CBC News. Senator…

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The art of negotiation

February 16, 2013

Most people know lawyers argue and fight in the court. Few people know, however, lawyers are negotiators who constantly try to make the deal outside the court. Think about that, in both family law and business law contexts, 90-95% of the disputes will eventually be settled outside the court at certain stage. Even if a…

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Fraud Alert – Do not disclose your information over phone calls

November 3, 2012

A client of mine had this recent experience. She buys and sells a number of homes, and one day she received a phone call from a 1-855 number. The caller claimed to be an investigation agent of the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), and she requests a number of documents for a GST/HST-related investigation. Naturally, my…

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Taxpayer relief and financial hardship

September 7, 2012

With the economic downturn, many individuals and enterprises are carrying major tax liabilities, typically with hefty penalty and interest charges. Oftentimes, if a taxpayer can pay any money, it will be applied to the interest and penalties only. That means their tax owing will never go down and they will be forever in debt for…

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Tax evasion: What is it and how to defend (II)

August 21, 2012

 (Continued) Generally successful defences There are a number of defences that a taxpayer may use and may be successful against a charge of wilful tax evasion. The most used among these is the lack of required intention (mens rea).  If the taxpayer can prove that he or she was only careless or reckless without knowledge…

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Tax evasion: What is it and how to defend (I)

August 13, 2012

A taxpayer may receive a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) informing that they have commenced a criminal investigation against him/her. Most of the criminal investigations relate to tax evasion, which involves an illegal breach of specific statutory duties such as deliberately concealing or falsifying reported information. The CRA may be prompted to commence…

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Underreported your income or missed tax returns? Tax amnesty may help you

August 7, 2012

If you have never filed all your income tax returns or have filed them incorrectly, Revenue Canada’s Voluntary Disclosure program, often called “tax amnesty,” may be for you. If you have missed to report your income and pay the corresponding taxes, there may be potentially very serious consequences, including heavy penalties, interest, and even criminal…

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Tax client settles with CRA

July 24, 2012

[Note: Below is a testimonial from a tax client. Jeff Li represented the client in a multi-million dollar audit matter. Jeff was the main negotiator between the client and the Canada Revenue Agency.] As you know, the work on my tax case is pretty much over. I think we achieved a decent result — a…

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