Family law client in China thanks Jeff Li for success in matrimonial property claim

February 16, 2018


Dear Mr. Li:

I cannot express more of my gratitude towards you. After I married my irresponsible ex-husband, a Chinese-Canadian, he unilaterally filed for divorce in Canada regardless my extremely difficult situation in China. He did not provide me with any support, and I even almost could not obtain a divorce certificate. Fortunately my friends in Canada recommended you. Even though I could not go to Canada, and my very limited financial resources did not allow me to pay the legal fees required, you patiently explained to me my situation and the advantages and disadvantages of pursing my claim. I cannot imagine the number of times I wanted to back out because of all the difficulties, but I decided to proceed with my family law application with your help.

Many friends told me that many lawyers in Canada do not take their own responsibility; they only take our money, not do anything, and afterwards continue to ask for more fees. My lawsuit was so complicated and I was so worried, but you did not neglect my lawsuit and took your own initiative to contact me when I could not follow up with my case in Canada.

Mr. Li’s character is truly admirable. I believe that if one has such a serious, responsible and competent lawyer, one will certainly be able to get an upper hand in their case. I hope that the Chinese-Canadians can see your excellence and that the Canadian lawyers and Chinese-Canadians have a high level of integrity and responsibility like yours.

Thank you again for your help. I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year, and prosperity in the year of the Dog.


February 15, 2018

In Guangzhou, China


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