Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) was a program under this program  people may apply for Canadian permanent residence based on their work a nd/or study in Canada.

The basic requirements of the Canadian Experience Class is that applicants have completed two years of work in Canada, or have completed a program of study of at least two years in Canada and thereafter worked in Canada for one year.  The applicants must have carried out work listed in the Skill Type 0 (Management Occupations) or Skill Level A or B (Professional, Skilled or Trades Occupations) of the National Occupational Classification Matrix.

Applicants under the Canadian Experience Class do not have to pass an immigration point system assessment. They only need to show that they have completed the minimum number of years of work and/or study inCanada.  Applicants also need to demonstrate their official language abilities by taking designated language tests.

Since its first introduction in September 2008, the Canadian Experience Class opens doors for many applicants who do not otherwise qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.  All CEC applications are processed at Citizen and Immigration Canada’s office inBuffalo.  Applicants may expect to receive a decision in around 14 months, which is faster than most of permanent residence programs for skilled professionals or workers.

For more information and how you can take advantages of the Canadian Experience Class, please contact us.


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