Self-employed Program

There are two conventional programs for Self-employed applicants, offered respectively by Canada and Quebec. Self-employed people may also consider provincial entrepreneur programs that do not require creation of local employment. Self-employer farmers may Alberta’s Self-employed Farmer stream, Manitoba’s Young Farmer Nominee program, Nova Scotia’s Agri-food Sector stream, and Saskatchewan’s Farm Owners/Operators category. Refer to these programs in the PNP Summary for details.

There are no conditions attached to the permanent resident visas, but applicants must establish a business that will, at a minimum, create an employment opportunity for themselves after landing.

The federal program requires that the applicants must have at least two years of relevant experience within the five year period preceding the date of application in either

  • self-employment in cultural activities or athletics; or
  • participation, at the world-class level, in cultural activities or athletics; or
  • farm management experience.

Applicants must also achieve 35 points on such factors as age, education, business experience, language skills and adaptability. Normally entrepreneur applicants will satisfy this condition if they meet the personal net worth and management experience requirements.

For the Quebec program, the applicant must have net assets of at least C$100,000 that have been legally obtained, and have at least two years of experience as a self-employed worker in the profession or trade the applicant plan to practise in Québec. Applicants must be able to practice their profession or trade in Quebec and must therefore meet the regulatory requirements, if any.


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