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Ex Parte (Without Notice) Order (I) – What is it and how to obtain it

December 23, 2013

By Jeff Jiehui Li What is ex parte orders? Ex parte order is an order obtained from the court without notice to the other party or parties. An ex parte order can be issued on hearing a motion brought by a party without notice to the other party or parties (ex parte motion). The powers of…

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Will drafting and lawyers duties to client

August 16, 2013

[This is an excerpt of a Mondaq.com article; Author: Crista C. Osualdini] The Supreme Court of Canada has cautioned all counsel that, amongst other matters, we must be skillful and careful, advise our clients of all matters relevant to our retainer and protect the interests of our clients. However, when it comes to drafting estate documents,…

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Canada lawyer put $1.7M in offshore tax havens

April 4, 2013
Canada lawyer put $1.7M in offshore tax havens

Source: CBC News A prominent Canadian lawyer, husband to a Liberal senator, moved nearly $2 million to secretive financial havens while he was locked in battle with the Canada Revenue Agency over his taxes, according to documents in a massive leak of offshore financial data that were shared exclusively in Canada with CBC News. Senator…

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The art of negotiation

February 16, 2013

Most people know lawyers argue and fight in the court. Few people know, however, lawyers are negotiators who constantly try to make the deal outside the court. Think about that, in both family law and business law contexts, 90-95% of the disputes will eventually be settled outside the court at certain stage. Even if a…

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Administration bond: What is it and how to dispense with it

November 8, 2012

By Jeff Jiehui Li Pursuant to s. 35 of the Estates Act, an administration bond is generally required before a court can appoint a person to be the trustee of an estate. The bond is not required in certain situations, some of them are specified in statutes. Normally, a prospective trustee is required to post…

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