Jeff Li accepts legal aid clients for family law and child protection matters

October 26, 2012


Jeff Li is proud to announce that he has recently been accepted by Legal Aid Ontario as a member of its Family Law Panel and CFSA Sub-Panel. As such, he is able to accept legal aid clients for general family law matters and the more specialized child protection matters.

When studying at McGill University Faculty of Law and working with Irving Solnik, one of the top lawyers in Toronto, Jeff had seen many people stop before the door of law because of their inability to afford a lawyer. Jeff has since been actively involved in legal aid matters, with the intention to help those low income clients who are often in need of help.

In addition to general family law matters, Jeff has represented parents in child protection matters, a specialized field in the family law. Jeff has to negotiate with, and also fight against, Children’s Aid Society inside and outside the court. Due to various reasons, these parents are often in a disadvantageous position vis-a-vis the child protection system, and often time these matters are complex and involving several areas of law. This makes Jeff understand the responsibility placed on him. Upon starting practising on his own, Jeff immediately applied for enpanelment to Legal Aid Ontario.

Jeff serves the entire Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and has appeared in courts in Toronto, Newmarket, Mississauga and Oshawa. Jeff welcomes low-income families and parents qualified for legal aid to inquire about their family law and child protection matters.


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