What we do for you

What we do for you?  

As your immigration lawyer and representative, our responsibility is to understand your immigration needs, and offer you cost effective solutions to achieve your goal. We manage your file from start to finish.

Unless instructed otherwise, the following will be done for each and every immigration application or file:

–        We will write a detailed LEGAL SUBMISSION LETTER that presents your situation and shows to the immigration authorities in Canada and U.S. that you are a suitable candidate for the visa, immigration document or decision requested.

–        We also assemble a complete APPLICATION PACKAGE that provides the immigration authorities with all the necessary information and documents for a determination of your application.

–        We also manage and monitor your file from start to finish. We ensure that your application is submitted to the right immigration office in the right time. We also track the progress of your application regularly, and will follow up with the immigration authorities to make sure that your application is moving forward toward completion.

–        Finally, once the visa or immigration document is issued, we will ensure that it is properly delivered and that it contains all the correct information.

In sum, what we do is to formulate a best strategy to achieve your immigration goal, make you case as strong as possible, and protect you from mishandling of your file by immigration authorities.


Why choose an immigration lawyer when I can do it myself?

True, there are people who successfully apply for visas or other immigration benefits without hiring an immigration representative. There are also people who choose to apply on their own but get refused for reasons that they did not ever heard of.

While theoretically you may do everything on your own, you should consider several factors before deciding whether you should hire an immigration representative: Are you familiar with the requirements and process of the application? Are you all comfortable to handle it completely on your own? How important is the immigration application to you and/or your family members? Do you have the financial resources to retain professional help?

After careful consideration, oftentimes you will find doing all by yourself is a risk not worth taking, especially when the success of your application will mean a lot for you and/or your loved ones. Immigration laws are constantly changing and are structurally complex. There are some applications or cases that you might have little chance to succeed without professional help. Even for a simple application such as visitor visa, you may not be aware of all the issues that may impact on your case.

On the other hand, retaining an affordable, competent immigration representative may help you achieve efficiency and give you peace of mind. This is not to say that you should leave it all up to the experts. While professionals know more about immigration law, applicants know more about their personal circumstances. By educating themselves with application process and working with the professional as a team, you may maximize your chance of success.



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